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Please call or email your Flooring Consultant or Project Manager if you have any questions or concerns before, or after your installation.


Your Flooring Consultant
Dallas Watson


Your Field Supervisor
Pavel Levchenko

Our Promise:

All labor is guaranteed for 1 year after installation. All Material is guaranteed for the full manufacturer’s warranty.

Walk Through:

After installation is completed a Walk-Through is arranged with the original Flooring Consultant and/or our Field Project Manager.

Let us know at that time if there are any details that you notice needing additional touch up. If you are satisfied with your new floors, we will collect the remaining balanced owed at that time.

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A Project Manager is assigned to oversee the details of your flooring project. They will work as a team with your Flooring Consultant to schedule dates, answer questions or any concerns you may have regarding the work to be completed. We can arrange to place a lockbox for the duration of
your project, or you can plan to let us in each day.


We require that all materials supplied by Dallas Watson Flooring to be paid in full and 50% of labor costs to be paid prior to scheduling your install. If any change orders arise during the project, subfloor work, additional prep, furniture moving or if you add on additional areas, the same pre-payment
policy applies. The final balance is due within 3 days of job completion. 

0% financing option


Your home is a construction site. For the safety of your pets and our workers, we ask that your pet(s) be confined to a place that is safe and out of the way of harm from tools, materials and in the case of sand and finish
jobs, fumes. Fish and birds, especially during sand and finish jobs, need to be completely removed from the jobsite, as the fumes of even water-based finishes can be quite harmful to them. Learn about pet friendly flooring options.


We always test moisture content when installing new hardwood floors over wood subfloors. Existing floors must be within 4% between the subfloor and your new floors, prior to installation. Higher moisture
content can be caused by conditions such as water in crawl spaces, improper insulations between floors, or jobsite environment. Any work performed by Dallas Watson Flooring to dry out your home would be an additional charge.


Sometimes new flooring installed will be higher than your previous, this may require shaving of your doors. We offer this service for most doors at $50 each. Metal doors, fire doors and certain doors with self-closing hinges may not be able to be removed. Your Flooring Consultant can advise you on what your options are with this type of situation. If your new flooring creates gaps under door jambs, these can be filled upon request at an
additional cost to be bid onsite. Customers also have the option for plywood underlayment to be installed, raising the new floor to a height that eliminates door gaps or transition issues.

Touch Up/Clean Up:

During your flooring project it is normal to have some touch up and repairs needed after the flooring is installed. While we are as careful as we can be, flooring installation is a construction site and
the tools used can cause small dings and scratches to your walls, baseboards, door jambs, and door casings. If you are not replacing your baseboards during the flooring installation you may want to have a painter come in after we are finished to do some touch-ups to the affected areas. In any case that the damage is excessive we will be responsible for those repairs. Once the flooring installation is complete we do a general clean-up only. Some customers prefer to have a cleaning company come in afterwards to do a deep clean. Let us know if you would like a referral for a cleaning service.


Our experienced Flooring Consultants have extensive product knowledge to ensure that you select the right flooring that will fit your home and work for your lifestyle.

About Subfloors:

Final installation is only as good as the subfloor you’reinstalling over. Each flooring manufacturer requires different subfloor preparations that must be met in order to keep your manufacturer warranty. Many homes require additional subfloor work before installation can begin, this will ensure that your new floors will be flat and smooth. It is critical you let your FC know if there are any flooring areas that may have moisture, or that creak, squeak, bounce, slant, sink or are uneven. Until we can pull up the old flooring, we cannot provide an accurate estimate.

Learn All about Subfloors 


Your existing baseboards are not going to look as good next to your new flooring. In most cases, we recommend replacing your baseboards with your new flooring. We do not recommend removing or reinstalling baseboards over 4” or any embedded in lathe/plaster walls due to potential of excessive damage to the wall. Learn more about making decisions on baseboards at: Click on Resources Tab.


Prior to installation, remove everything up to 4’ off the floor, including closets, where flooring is being installed. Disconnect and remove electronics and personal devices. Inform your Flooring Consultant of any
wires running underneath your existing floors, such as radiant heat, alarm, or speaker cables. Most customers move their furniture themselves. If you choose to move your own furniture, this must be done ahead of the install date. If you would like us to move your furniture, ask your Flooring Consultant for a bid. We do not “pack”. All small personal items, clothes and electronics be cleared out prior to installation or us moving the furniture. If you do not have additional space to move your furniture to, you may need to hire someone to
move your furniture out or rent a POD. Please let us know as far in advance as possible if you would like us to move your furniture. Certain items we are unable to move for liability reasons: Large Pianos, Pool Tables, Sub-Zero Refrigerators, or heavy or expensive antiques.

Heat and Power:

Proper installation of floors requires that the heat be kept between 65-70 degrees for at least one week prior to install and kept at that temperature during and after your installation. For sanding projects, our installers may need access to your breaker box, power outlets and any 220 voltage outlets.

Lead Paint & Asbestos:

If you suspect your house may contain asbestos or lead based paint, let your Flooring Consultant know. dallas watson flooring cannot sand off lead-based paint or remove flooring that contains asbestos.