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Quality Floor Needs Quality Subfloor

Subfloor repair involves fixing or replacing the layer of material that sits beneath the finished flooring surface. It must be in good shape before laying down a new floor. Your new feet are only as good as the subfloor that you are installing. Most homes require subfloor work before we can begin installation to ensure levelness and flatness and that your subfloor is within manufacturer specifications. Most manufacturers need your subfloor to be within 3/16″ of an inch over an 8′ area. To ensure this, we always check to see if your subfloor is level before installation. Unfortunately, we cannot determine your sub-floor level until the existing flooring is removed.

If you know if any existing subfloor issues such as: creaks, bouncing, softness or other damage, please let us know at the time of measure.

Here are some of our most common subfloor issues that we encounter:

  • High and Low spots in concrete
  • Squeaks and Creaks
  • Uneven Plywood
  • Sinking Floors
  • Slanting or Sloping Floor

Real Google Review

They communicated every step, told us where to save money, were upfront about issues, and were responsive. For my project, there was an issue with my subfloor not being level enough for the floor manufacturer’s warranty. They sent me pictures of the issue, provided three solutions at different prices with their pros and cons, discussed the issue, and let me decide.
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